IPRM is deeply concerned with our collective future, we’ve been thoughtful about sustainability before it was popular. Having thought long and hard about the need to do more to ensure a high quality of life for future generations, IPRM offers the following principles of honest, sustainable construction solutions:

Durability make sure all contractors are highly qualified, products work well now and for future generations. Outsmart and outlast both designed and perceived obsolescence.

Sensibility continually assert discipline in size, scale and budget. Use Best Practices to guide creative decision making. Beauty and comfort result from intelligent solutions, not the reflexive addition of features.

Regionalism use local resources: architects, contractors and materials when possible

GREEN Resources understand what forms and innovations will last, be conscious of the environmental construction footprint. The best ‘green’ features disappear into a building: the structure works better and enhances the inhabitant’s health and enjoyment.

Technology will improve and our mindsets will continue to evolve. Use it, be open minded and continuously research new innovations but mind old fashioned sound practices, as “hammer and nails” are still the foundation of construction.

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